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This guy’s vines give me life

Thomas Sanders is a gift to this world

I have a theory on Thomas Sanders that he can control minds and rather than using this gift for evil, he uses it to make funny vines. Like, a classroom full of kids? mind control. The teacher of the class? mind control. Cop pulls him over? you better believe that dude is gonna sing Don’t Stop Believing with him, mind control. 

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You deserve someone who can harness the light that’s still inside of you.

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oh man this makes me have feelingsthey wrote this sceneand his speech hereto have him talk the way people talk about meeting the love of their liferemembering tiny details,marking that day as a line before and afterhis life before meeting Felicityand his life after meeting felicitythis must be what it’s like to have the writers ship a pairing as much as you ship it, viaa rashaka

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